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Benjamin McClish

Kansas City, MO

“Observe the world around us, take inspiration from it, capture its essence, and give all this a shape and color”. For me, painting has always represented a way to express myself and share emotion. Art is therapeutic and healing. Playing with different textures and colors, I love to give life to curious and unprecedented effects: I use mixed media techniques to create original works with profound meanings. My art is the result of a lifetime of experimentation. My painting is a mixture of continuous research combined with instinctive and momentary sensations. I started out working in pastels and pencil. Then I moved to working in mixed mediums. I love the manipulation of acrylic paint. From there I found my love for different textures and spray paint. Put that all together and you get my love for mixed media pieces. If you like texture, we have something in common. Just wait until you see my work up close! I’m a passionate guy who gives it my all when I create. I paint from my heart with everything in me. That’s what you get with a piece of my art; lots of heart, loads of texture, fun and color … and hopefully a lot of inspiration and beauty. And let’s be honest, we need a lot of that in these days.

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