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Katheryn Krouse

Kansas City, MO

Born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas, Katheryn Krouse has always had a passion for art. Krouse was finishing her degree at the University of Kansas, when things took a dramatic turn. In 2010, Krouse was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease, a rare form of macular degeneration in the retina. Within months, it had rapidly progressed to where Krouse could no longer maintain a drivers license. “During this time I truly found how healing artmaking can be” Krouse explains.

“After experiencing the world with perfect vision for twenty years, the best way I can describe vision loss, is that I notice much more contrast; interpreting dark values significantly darker and bright values brighter. I feel compelled to express how I see the world, through my work” Krouse, explains.
After graduating from KU with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in both Painting and Modern Art History, Krouse moved into the perfect downtown apartment in Kansas City; there she established her home studio, in which she still operates out of today, as a full time local artist.

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