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Mosaic Beauty

Dani Romay
Marlborough, KC, MO
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Mosaic Beauty is all about supporting and empowering women and bringing us all together as one beautiful human being. The actual shades within the females are nine different shades of foundation. The original series is painted with foundation makeup, which was really challenging. But then each woman has those nine shades in their face, and that is supposed to represent unity between us as women, while the mosaic part represents that we’re all broken, but we’re beautiful. So, I hope that my heart resonates with all the women in the world. With everything that’s gone on with COVID, and honestly, everything else in the world, all I want to think about is unity. We are all one body of people. And as a woman, I wanted to further support women as much as I could. This is one way to show that we are all united and beautiful. And while the world has kind of broken us, we are still together.

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