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Respirator Heart

Menley Brennan
Kansas City, KS
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My heart will be composed of donated respirators from hospitals around Kansas City. This project is about the people whose lives are forever changed by the events of 2020/2021. The base of the mask will consist of the traditional blue n95s healthcare workers have relied upon for years. On top of that layer will be a “KC” composed of the new “duckbill” masks we are now forced to wear due to mask shortage. Each mask will be signed by the healthcare donator’s name. This will be a 3-D sculpture finished and sealed with a thin layer of resin. My sculpture will not only touch the people who have worked the frontlines of the pandemic, but it will hopefully impact those who lost their loved ones by reminding them that this pandemic is still prevalent, it’s still real, and the world and Kansas City will not forget. I owe it to my patients to put this design forward in hopes it will be accepted and understood for how important it is to put a little piece of 2020/21 away.

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