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Wind and Wheat

Kristin Goering
Parkville, MO
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Wind and Wheat is based on a painting that I have done before, and it was done several years ago…it’s one of my favorite paintings. This painting was part of a storm series that I created. The original painting was named, Oklahoma. Why? Because as I was painting it, it started looking more and more like my Grandparent’s farm in Oklahoma. They were wheat farmers, cattle farmers, and they are very dear to my heart. When my brother saw the painting he commented, “Kris, that looks just like Grandpa and Grandma’s”. And so, the original title was Oklahoma Wind. I thought it sort of tied into to the hearts, the beautiful Midwest and the love of family. I hope my heart reminds us of where we’ve come from. Art can, in many ways, bring us together.
We all come from different places. Let’s respect each other’s roots and learn from one another.

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