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Your Own Dance Party

Matt Phillips
Southwest Boulevard, KC, MO
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Your Own Dance Party was inspired by a disco ball and by your interaction with it. The idea of the piece has a few kinds of things, but one it’s a reflection or reflection based. So, the piece is going to reflect its surroundings. The sculpture itself is black and white. There’s no color in it. You as a viewer, as you interact with that, bring the sculpture to life. You bring the color and the vibrance and the excitement to the piece, to have your own personal experience. That’s going to be different than someone else’s personal experience with the piece because it’s going to reflect what you put into it. Your movements, your actions, and your motions. It’s not a stagnant thing. It’s something that you get to have buy-in, and you get to interact and hopefully dance and move as you interact and engage with it. There’s the sense of having an impact on your environment and on your setting…the light that you reflect. You can choose where to put that and what to do with it, which I think is a message that’s poignant right now.

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