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Aaron Ross

Sibley, MO

My artistic life has been a roller coaster. I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. From a very early age I was passionate about art. At age 4, my mom starting calling me Aaron Ross, the artist. However, public school teachers were always trying to change me into a “proper” artist but I was drawn to abstract surreal styles. Frequently, I would find trash along the railroad tracks and turn it into sculptures. My friends were my supporters who allowed me to express myself by painting on their bedroom walls. Nothing could stop me. Eventually, I was voted best artist at Lees Summit High School.

After high school and some life reflections, I moved to New York City for 5 years. I did club party flyers and designed/built three different club VIP rooms (one in the Hamptons). I met many successful artists & learned a lot in New York City. I returned to Kansas City when that adventure ended.

After returning to Kansas City, I started the first Pitch Weekly Crossroads Art show when the Pitch was located in the crossroads. Also, The Pitch selected me to represent them at the Kansas City Chalk Art Festival. I did a mandala which was chosen to be photographed for the festival calendar. During that time period, I worked on canvas paintings & did a couple small gallery shows. Then I really didn’t know where to go with my art from there. My life was changing faster than I wanted it to change.

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