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Element Ten + Heidt and Depth: Dylan Steinmetz, Randy Steinmetz, Olivia Shelton, Neal Heidt

Kansas City, MO

Dylan Steinmetz is a multidisciplinary artist with a BFA in sculpture from KCAI, earned in 2015. His 2d works use paper collage and acrylic paints. His 3d work uses cement, moldmaking, found objects, and plaster, specifically ornamental plaster & moldmaking techniques learned and utilized in the field of historical restoration in Kansas City for the past 5 years. He studied under Russel Ferguson during college. In 2011 he received 3rd place in Young Masters, an annual exhibit at Dallas Museum of Art. In April of 2021 he created Found Space Studios, a company to promote functional modern designs using the traditional and centuries old methods in architectural plaster as well as custom sculptures.

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