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A Walk in Nature

Kim Bruhl
Kansas City, KS
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A Walk In Nature comes to life with Moss. I’ve been an interior designer in the Kansas City area for over 25 years, however, I’ve recently found a new way to create…I like to create art with a Moss. I enjoy going outside and taking walks in the parks and in nature, it just relaxes me and really calms me down, makes me feel really at peace. So, I grow and harvest and collect the Moss. Then, I preserve it with a natural glycerin and denatured alcohol process. That keeps it in its natural state. After you do that, you don’t need to water it and it doesn’t need sunlight. Then I create my art with it, for everyone to enjoy. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. But nature seems to calm people down. Get out and enjoy the wood, the parks, get away from the noise. Hopefully, my Heart will bring the peace and calmness that nature can provide.

Created in 2022
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