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Cycle of Growth

Gemmi Lane
18th and Vine, KC, MO
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This piece pays tribute to our very own Kansas City Monarchs. I designed this with a monarch butterfly in a crown. On the back, you will see a monarch butterfly leaving its cocoon to take flight. I believe our Monarchs kicked off amazing movements in sports history, and made room for growth moving forward.

The Kansas City Monarchs paved the way for POC sports in our city and around the country. Full of amazing talent, they left and continue to leave an impression on people regardless of whether or not they are avid baseball fans. Baseball is a true American pass time. Not much beats a day at the ball park. Supporting and recognizing our POC athletes that came before us further empowers and unites those of the future! It is such a beautiful thing, and I really wanted to honor that. Not just for them, but for every Black American or POC that dreams to grow up and become an athlete. A monarch is a status of royalty. This team was nothing short of that.

Created in 2022
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