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Fergie Rescued

Juan Hernandez
Parade at the K - Teal Zone
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This heart is a depiction of the kind of amazing animals that can be adopted and who can change your life when given a chance. On the front, Fergie, my rescue is featured lovingly looking at the audience painted in a way that reflects the energy that she exhibits. The back features her sitting, facing away from the viewer as she looks to her new adventure. The idea that rescuing animals is a mindset that we all must embrace as far too many creatures await a home as others are forced into breeding situations. Showing what awaiting rescues have to give, hopefully, will open people’s eyes to the amazing possibilities that await them. The small phrase on the front “She saved me! Rescues rule!” Is a not so subtle nod to this. The popularity of pets and adoration of animal rescues in Kansas City is certainly a bright spot for this amazing city.

Created in 2023
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