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Birds of a Feather Stick Together

Julie Heide
Parade at the K - Gold Zone
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I designed my heart to represent both sides of KC- the Kansas and Missouri sides. The front side represents my home state, Missouri with the state bird, the Eastern Bluebird. The Eastern bluebird is considered a symbol of happiness. This songbird gets its name from the male’s bright blue feathers on its wings, tail, back and head. The state tree, the flowering dogwood is shown behind the bird, providing beautiful Spring colors to the budding landscape. The back side represents Kansas, The Sunflower State. The wild meadowlark is Kansas’ state bird. This bird settles down in the sunflower fields of the state. The bright yellow of its stomach and chest matches the sunflower blooms perfectly. The sunflower, Kansas’ state flower, graces the background. I hope you appreciate both sides of KC and how despite a border, we always come together in celebration and support of our beautiful population and landscape.

Created in 2023
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