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Stitched Together

Molly Burd
Parade at the K - Blue Zone
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The heart represents the diverse history of the garment industry in Kansas City. Beginning in the 1920’s, Kansas City became known for its sewing production, manufacturing, and skilled seamstresses. In recent years, the Kansas City garment industry is making an incredible comeback, reviving the once unstoppable industry. The green silk fabric is an homage to the KC seamstresses 100 years ago, in the 1920’s. The fluid look of the fabric represents the ever changing industry. The “KC” letters and entire back are filled with old, used buttons. Not only is it important for our industry to be waste conscious, it’s equally as important to look around and see what materials still have life; buttons that acknowledge the millions of garments that were once produced in this city. The stitching around the heart represents the tight knit group of seamstresses and designers, young and old, keeping this city’s sewing community alive and thriving. It’s hard work to be a seamstress; nothing represents the beauty of handcrafted garments quite like the needle and thread. I hope this heart inspires you to shop local, support emerging designers, and be proud of this city…a city stitched together.

Created in 2023
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