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The Gift of Life

Scott Seetin
Parade at the K - Gold Zone
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As a person who has been blessed with a second chance of life from with a kidney transplant from a living donor, the green ribbon symbolizes hope for those who are waiting for a second chance at life through transplantion. It reminds us of the men, women and children who have died waiting for a life saving transplant. It recognizes our thanks to donors and their families for giving the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. One deceased donor can help save 8-9 people’s lives. The green hands represents the annoymous deceased donor for their gift that is giving life to the recpient. The blue hands represent the hope and life given to a transplant recipient by the glowing passing of organs, which are illuminating in the background. The front of the heart represents the living donor who is in green and the embrace of a thankful donor recpient with a heartfelt hug. The donation of blood saves the lives of so many which is represented by using the donor blood to fill the KC donor blood banks. It then flows into the organs and the recpient giving them a second chance at life. This project has allowed me to honor my living donor, as well as bring awareness to a life saving cause. I am hopeful that others will be inspired to become an organ donor and potentionally save a life.

Created in 2023
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