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The Heart of the City

Taylar Sanders
Parade at the K - Blue Zone
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My heart shows the sun setting over Downtown Kansas City from two different perspectives. The front side is a street view from inside the heart of Downtown. The back side is the Scout’s view from Penn Valley Park. The statue depicts a Sioux Indian and honors the local Native American tribes. I wanted to show our city’s beautiful skyline, as well as, peer inside and get a glimpse of the day to day hustle and bustle and interconnected journeys that make KC what it is. I’ve always viewed the Scout sculpture as an appreciation of the Native American presence in our city. It feels like we have a protective and watchful eye over us. This heart represents diversity and the wide range of perspectives that make our community great. The sunset colors are meant to give a warm and welcoming feeling. I hope that the viewer gets a sense of pride when taking in these views of Downtown KC, as well as, a feeling of being safe and protected.

Created in 2023
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