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Fly Over This

Adam Freese
UMKC Campus, KC, MO
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Telling outsiders how great Kansas City is is often met with skepticism. East and West Coasters especially seem to find it hard to believe initially that a city straddling the MO/KS border could have very much to offer. After all, we’re smack-dab in the center of the “flyover states”. But Kansas City is a lot more than a pit stop on the way to somewhere else. And, frankly, its a bit insulting to treat such a wonderful place like something that should be passed by. So my design is simple; a rebuttal of the phrase “flyover states.”
“Fly Over *This*.”
Whether you’re on the MO or KS side of the border, you know there’s a lot more life and community here than can be seen from an airplane flying overhead. This heart concept is like a mantra. We’re all Kansas City. We’re often overlooked from the outside. But we all know what makes this town worth stopping in for a while. We’re a hidden gem among flyover territory.

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