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For The Love of Kansas City

Mollie Hanselman
Kansas City, MO
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I wanted to depict a very simplistic approach to the Kansas City skyline. When I first drove here to go to college at KU, I remember crossing the bridge, seeing the KC skyline, and being surprised that this was Kansas City. My dad even said, “You might live here one day”, which at the time, felt surreal. But here I am, living here. I chose youthful, childlike colors, using very simple shapes, just to kind of keep the look playful and hopeful. I want people to look at it and feel happy. The past two years have been difficult. It’s been hard to remain creative, to find inspiration. I know a lot of people have taken up random activities. I got into yoga, people have baked more, and care for plants…all sorts of things to pass the time. I wanted to depict the city in a simple way. I want people to look at this heart and know that there always is hope. There is always a bright side, even when it’s not super clear. For The Love of Kansas City, don’t take life so seriously.

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