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Denise DiPiazzo, Redtrike Studios
Kansas City
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This design illustrates the idea of “the GREATER Kansas City Area” evolving into the notion that “We are the GREATEST City!

This is a big juicy red “I heart KC”; our love of this place brings us together over the Missouri/Kansas state line which does not divide us, it unites us! The dotted line represents the state line and a background line drawing represents the streets that connect people throughout Kansas City. At the heart of the design is a drop shadow arrow holding the word “Greatest” with the arrow pointing in a forward moving direction. The back design shows the epicenter of the map being Kansas City with a pin expressing that we are “happy you are here.”
Front design: 1919 map of greater KC with the arrow in a red heart saying “Greater”.
Back design: “You are here” map tags and the thumb tack on Google maps which represent your location on the map.

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