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KC’s Best Friend

Dani Romay
West Bottoms, KC, MO
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KC’s Best Friend came from my puppies. I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and they are my absolute best friends in the whole world. I call them my coworkers and they go everywhere with me. So, when I was creating a second design for the Parade of Hearts, I thought, what better way to show unity amongst KC than to bring our best friends with us. I travel all over the KC Metro with my puppies, and that brings me together with other people in the community through our love for dogs. So, that’s what it’s all about: KC’s best friend. What it shows is 14 different dog breeds for all the 14 different major counties in KC. And they say the county name on their bandana. My hope is that when you see that heart, you recognize that Kansas, Missouri, wherever you’re from, we all have KC best friends. And we all come together, and we are united in that way. And, of course, our love for dogs. Everybody loves their dog.

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