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Mama Lied When She Said Outside Isn’t Going Anywhere

Kirsten Mims
Kansas City, KS
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My heart depicts kids doing all the things that they love, as well as things that we had to adapt to, to give our kids as much as we could during the pandemic. It also represents some things that we’re slowly getting back to, like playing with other kids, going to playgrounds, normal kid things. My heart, I think, says to people that we should be like kids and not separate ourselves as much. When it comes to children, division isn’t a thing. And they can help bring us all together. People you’d probably never speak to or even think about interacting with sometimes, your kids will bring them to you, especially on the playground. So, it gives hope for the future because our kids are the future. That if we can allow them to be children, experiencing a safe world in all aspects, they can have long prosperous lives and have fun.

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