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My Heart Belongs to KC

Ann Johnson
Parade at the K - Teal Zone
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Growing up in Kansas City I have seen the different changes in our city’s landscape over time. With every change, Kansas Citians continue to take pride in the city and what it has to offer. For my front design I incorporated the Nelson Atkins Museum of art because art is important to me and to so many in the city. I also included elements from the Plaza and 18th & Vine tying in two areas that have diverse histories and areas that people gravitate towards. The J.C. Nichols memorial fountain is one of the most popular fountains we have in our City of Fountains. The 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District is a place where people gather for celebrations and entertainment. I included the Gem Theater, another landmark of the Vine District, because it stands out with its old school theater vibes. The two hands represent the diversity of the city.

For the back, I incorporated the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts because of its unique design, but also because it is a landmark location for performing arts. The arts have been instrumental to bringing people together in Kansas City. The Western Auto is a historical sign that is a known landmark for downtown. The Scout is a well-known statute that is strategically placed to look over the city and is also something that was used to pay homage to local Indigenous tribes. Lastly, I incorporated the Sky Stations because I feel as though they created a big change to our skyline and add a uniqueness that was not there before.

Created in 2023
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