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The Darkness Hides From The Light

Suze Ford
Kansas City, MO
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My design was really inspired by bringing the light into the darkness of what’s been happening in our country and our world. My work has always been motivated by color and the joy that it brings. I wanted to bring that expression to this piece and hopefully spread that joy and light to our community. I think human nature is that we tend to focus on the negative. We see the darkness. We see that we have a lot of fear that built into us. I think if you really truly look around, you can see goodness, you can see love, you can see people genuinely caring for one another – kindness and generosity. I hope that this piece reminds you that there is a lot of that in this world and not everything is bad. I really believe that there is more good and more light in this world than there is darkness. I hope when you see this piece, it makes you forget all of that that’s happening. Forget that there’s a lot of things around us that are out of our control. Live in that faith and you can see the joy, and that there is goodness in most people.

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